Eligibility Guidelines

Eligibility Guidelines

New Habitat Partner families are chosen by our Family Committee. To be eligible for consideration, the following initial criteria should be met.

  1. Present housing situation inadequate and substandard. Examples:
    • physical condition
    • inadequate for family size
    • rent more than 50% of family income
  2. Unable to access normal bank loan.
  3. Total family income less than 80% of county median income, adjusted for family size. These figures are variable, but as a guideline family income should be no more than $30,000 to $60,000. Please inquire if you have questions about this.
  4. Able to afford zero interest mortgage on a home (no less than about $30,000 annual income).
  5. Willing to provide 500 hours of “sweat equity” into building the home.
  6. Resident of Upper Valley at least one year.
  7. Sustainable commitment to responsible home ownership, and to on-going partnership with Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity.