Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity has been awarded a $50,000 grant from New Hampshire Housing Finance
Authority through their Emerging Opportunities Program. An additional $75,000 was awarded in deferred
loans to families Habitat is helping through its Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity Neighborhood
Revitalization Program in Claremont, NH.

The Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity Neighborhood Revitalization Program in Claremont, NH, is a long-
term commitment on the part of Habitat to improve the quality of life for residents in a defined neighborhood
just west of Opera House Square.

Habitat became involved in Claremont's future in answer to a planning department request to expand upon the
success of the city's revitalization of the business areas and to address the city's declining neighborhoods.
The focus of the revitalization is defined as an area covering about a half mile, bordered by Pleasant,
Prospect, Mulberry and Central Streets. This census tract has the highest percentage of low-income residents
in Claremont. There are approximately 400 dwellings within this perimeter.

After initial planning stages, Habitat has been on the ground getting to know the neighborhood and its
residents, providing requested garden beds, taking block by block conditions surveys, social surveys to
determine the residents' hopes for their own neighborhood and hosting block parties to bring neighborhood
residents together.

This summer, Upper Valley Habitat is accelerating its home repair and community building activities. The
ultimate goals of the project are:

 To make home repairs and beautifications that homeowners would not otherwise be able to afford, thereby
helping families stay in their safer homes, save money with energy efficiencies, increase their equity, and
effectively enhancing the quality of life for all neighbors.

 To actively engage residents' participation and sense of "ownership" in the project, thereby building
a supportive community structure and fostering a community spirit among neighbors. Habitat's
working philosophy is to use volunteerism, self-help, and community philanthropy to achieve

 To help form a neighborhood association of responsible residents to ensure the sustainability and
perpetual effectiveness of our project on their own, caring for and adding to a safer, healthier, more
attractive place they can proudly call home.

At this time, Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity (UVHFH) is actively striving to identify leaders who will
form a core group working together to build an ongoing neighborhood association. This is a chance to make a
sustainable impact on Claremont's future. Claremont residents who are interested in finding out more about
becoming a leader are invited to call Alexis Foote, UVHFH Claremont program coordinator, at 603.543.3556,

In addition to these significant awards from New Hampshire Housing, funding for the Upper Valley Habitat
for Humanity Neighborhood Revitalization Program in Claremont, NH, has been generously provided by the
Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation and Hypertherm's HOPE Foundation.

For more information, please contact Alexis Foote at the UVHFH Claremont Project Office in the Moody
Building, 603.543.3556, or Visit,
and Like Us on Facebook: Upper Valley Habitat Neighborhood Revitalization, Claremont NH
Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity is the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Our vision is a
world in which everyone has a decent place to call home.

Pastor Lucia Jackson and her crew of volunteers have dedicated themselves to help Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in its efforts to realize its vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Here, the group from the First Congregational Church in Hartland, Vermont (the Brick Church) prepare for a day of work in the attic of a homeowner in Habitat’s Claremont, NH revitalization program. For an incredibly hot series of days, these brave volunteers worked alongside site supervisor Jim Masland to remove insulation that had been incorrectly installed in a late 19th-century home that presented a critical safety problem, and replace it with panels and safely installed insulation for the home.





Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity has embarked upon a major revitalization project for the City of Claremont, New Hampshire, in response to their request for our involvement. We are at the beginning stages of what will be a long-term project spanning five to seven years. With the help of a VISTA (volunteer) from Americorp, we are now trying to get to know people in a neighborhood on the west side adjacent to Opera Square. Our intention is to work with the residents of this area to make improvements that they themselves would like to see.

Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity has received generous support from New Hampshire Housing. A $50,000 Emerging Opportunities grant, and an additional $75,000 in deferred loans to families we are working with, ensure the continuation of our neighborhood revitalization program in Claremont, NH.

We are looking for volunteers to help take surveys and work with our VISTA on early fact-finding projects. We will identify the work we are able to do in collaboration with homeowners, landlords and renters in the neighborhood.

If you would like to volunteer, please click here or call either 603-543-3556 or 802.295.1854, or send an email to or





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2013 Builds.

Family groundbreaking!
We will be rehabilitating homes with two families this spring and summer, one in Wilder and one in Bradford.
Both will be highly energy efficient.

The Wilder, Vt address is 110 Hollow Drive, a gray house at the top of the rise.
The Bradford, Vt address is 793 Lake Morey Rd, driveway on east side.