Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in the Northeast Kingdom

NEK Habitat

UV Habitat’s local project committee, Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity in the Northeast Kingdom, holds two seats on UVHFH’s Board of Directors. This project committee has built, rehabilitated, or repaired 100 homes since 2007. Their work also includes Aging in Place programs, which addresses accessibility issues for the disabled. NEK Habitat performs Critical Home Repairs in the towns of Caledonia, Essex, and Orleans counties.

Their building activity has several levels:

  • Projects such as ramps and decks that can be completed in 1-2 workdays, repaid by the homeowner to a no-interest loan.
  • Larger projects that may be worked on 1-2 days per week over several weeks or months (such as substantial or multiple repairs). NEK Habitat may hire specialist contractors, and donates most labor. Loans of up to $5,000 are secured with a no-interest promissory note.
  • Home additions or replacement projects costing over $5,000 are secured with a second interest-free mortgage on the home.
  • New construction is secured with a no-interest first mortgage.

As with Habitat for Humanity International’s general qualifications, NEK Habitat’s eligibility requirements include: a willingness to contribute sweat equity, current residence in substandard housing, and household income less than 70% of the county median income.

NEK Habitat is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! They began meeting in 2007 at the North Church in St. Johnsbury and have since built three new homes, repaired 100 homes, and held countless local events and fundraisers. They’re marking this milestone by sharing ten stories of particular moments and the people who made them happen, and they’ll be celebrating with a community-wide potluck in June 2018. For more information about NEK Habitat and to join their monthly newsletter, please visit nekhabitat.org or contact them at (802) 751-1212, or via email at info@nekhabitat.org.