Volunteer with Upper Valley Habitat!

Interested in volunteering with Upper Valley Habitat? We have plenty of volunteer opportunities ranging from swinging a hammer on build sites, making lunches for build volunteers, and joining the Board of Directors or a Committee.

To sign up to volunteer, please complete our VOLUNTEER FORM.

If you are volunteering for a construction crew, please don’t forget to print the appropriate volunteer waiver to bring to the build:
Construction Volunteer Waiver | Construction Volunteer Waiver for Minors (to be signed by parent)

Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently seeking more members for our Board of Directors, which meets monthly. We are also looking for the following Committees:

  • Fundraising Committee
  • Building & Site Committee
  • Board Development Committee
  • Dartmouth Student Chapter

Interested individuals may contact us for more information.

Construction Volunteers
From demolition to the finishing touches, we offer plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty on build sites. Just fill out our Volunteer Form to join our construction crew!
Whether it’s a charity brunch, a product party, a car wash, or running a marathon, we welcome your efforts to raise funds for us. Contact us to learn about our current fundraising needs!
Join a Board or Committee
In addition to putting hammers to nails, we’ll also seeking people interested in running a committee or joining our board! Interested individuals may contact us for more information.
Student Opportunities
We welcome young people who want to make a difference in their community! Find out how you can be a part of Upper Valley Habitat, contact us to learn more about our youth activities!